About Us

About US

 Hello! My name is John Horner. My dad and I started this ministry and moving company in 1995 with a lot of firm convictions. We start each day with a Bible study and prayer time with our staff, and have since 2010! The accountability, quality, and transparency that come with this morning’s dedication time have shown through with now more than 22,000 very happy customers! It is kind of the “huddle-before-the-game” mentality–it produces a game-winning unity on all our crews! So that, whether we are moving a baby grand piano, or a 6-person hot tub (see photos at link here! Always Helpful Movers! (google.com) , or a 7,000 s.f. home, we are in a very unified mentality!
We will guarantee excellence and complete Christian service from start to finish on your move.!  You can always call me, the owner, on my cell phone, 816-405-7060, should you have any needs or concerns!

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